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We have become a preferred partner for energy-demand management systems
in residential, commercial and solar applications.

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Arizona Residents Pick Advanced Home Systems

We provide the most reliable and consistent energy demand management system in the market.
Which is the reason why we are the largest supplier in Arizona.


Electric Bill Reduced


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Saved In 5 Years


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Our trusted and proven technology, delivers more reliable and efficient energy demand management computer systems. Our reputation is our stregnth with over 30 years of service and 25,000+ customers.

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See what our customers are saying

  • I’m an Energy Management covert and BOY, AM I A Believer! After all the empty promises that so many businesses make about saving consumers big money, at last someone really did it.
    Pat McMahon
  • I appreciate you sharing your knowledge of the APS rates with me and helping me to choose the best rate for our family. It is nice to be able to count on you to keep me informed of rate changes and ways to save money on our electric bill.
    Nancy Marks
  • Since installing the Energy Management Computer, our electric bill has been about $220 a month and our cost of electricity has been running around $.65 per kilowatt hour
    John Baudek
  • Just a note to say thanks for last month’s power bill. $125 went to APS. Remember, we doubled the size home and kept the thermostat at 72 degrees!
    John Rubie
  • I am thrilled I made this investment and fell I will have “recouped” the investment within 26 months considering my low APS bills! What a bargain!
    Renae Jestila
  • The Energy Management Computer I purchased from you has exceeded the claims you made and has made me a very satisfied customer!!
    Susan Clark
  • The system we purchased in February is working wonderfully. Last year at this time my energy bills were running in the high $200’s each month in a small house. The most recent bill I received was less than $200 and included a time period with two swimming parties and a wedding rehearsal dinner.
    James Bands