About Advanced Home Systems

For three decades now Advanced Home Systems is the ultimate name in energy efficiency and demand management across Arizona. Founded in 1984 by Steve and Gina Koepp, it is a firm that specializes in demand energy management systems using an Energy Sentry computer.

Steve Koepp, who is still at the helm of matters at Advanced Home Systems, has been instrumental in making the company a front runner in the energy demand management with their tested and tried product, Energy Sentry.

Fully insured and bonded, Advanced Home Systems has installed close to 20,000 Energy Sentry systems across Arizona and the most famous name in Home Energy Demand Management Systems across the state.

Be In Control

We believe in being the enablers of demand management and providing the right kind of tools to the users to make them capable of being in charge of their electricity usage. Energy Sentry is connected to the biggest power consumption points in your house, from air conditioners, electric dryers, electric water heaters. The monitors are  programmed to match your lifestyle with the utility’s rate schedule, be it APS, SRP with solar or not with solar. The auto adjustment feature helps to automatically redirect your usage in a way that helps you save the high cost of peak demands. Users enjoy savings ranging anywhere between 25-50%.

Area Of Operation

We are locally owned and operated and work closely with the top electric companies and solar companies in Arizona. Our strong network enables top class performance at every juncture and results in massive savings for customers.

Recognition & Acknowledgement

Our 20,000+ of customers who have been absolutely loyal to us for the past 30 years bears testimony to our claims and the recognition that their utility bills have be reduced by 35% no more cooler in their homes.

A licensed C-11 specialty contractor, Advanced Home Systems media exposure for substantial savings to customers while reducing their home temperature inside.

• Member of the ASBA
• Rosie on the House Certified Contractor
• Featured on Channel 12 News with Jeff Burrows
• Featured on Channel 3 News as an innovative energy product
• Appeared in the Arizona Republic several times as an innovative energy product
• Featured in Arizona Home Magazine as an innovative energy product

These exposures have not just taken Advanced Home Systems to a new high but also have given us a firm footing to expand our expertise and reach in the energy demand management space across homes in Arizona. Our existing good will and the strong support base has also provided a platform to take the business forward in a meaningful way.

We are not just managers of efficient energy in your home but also the safe keepers of greener and better future where environmental hazards are significantly minimized.

As Seen On

Without an Energy Sentry:
If you’re in a 2,200 square foot home, your using approximately 2,200 kwh
If you have a pool, add 800 more kilowatt hours to the party 800 kwh
Total Kilowatt Hours 3,000 kwh
The average homeowner pays 11.5 cents per kwh x 11.5 cents
Ouch! Your high summer bill $345
With an Energy Sentry:
Identical kilowatt hour usage 3,000 kwh
Now the homeowner is billed at 8 cents per kwh x 8 cents
Voila! Your lower summer bill $240
What Energy Sentry save you:
High Summer Bill without Energy Sentry $345
High Summer Bill with Energy Sentry $240