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One unique solution to beat the heat as well as rein in your electric bills is to install an demand management system. Advanced Home Systems has already installed more than 15,000 systems across Arizona. Geared towards creating a sustainable energy consumption module, the idea is to improve the lives of millions across Arizona without them having to pay a huge price for their comfort. The demand management template devised by Advanced Home Systems is targeted towards achieving exactly that. We believe that a better understanding of the environment can result in improved optimization of resources.

Environmentally Friendly Product

Advanced Home Systems for the past 30 years’ is working non-stop towards creating products which address this primary environmental concern and looks at significantly limiting the carbon footprint in the world.

Energy Sentry, our unique demand management system is essentially aimed at not just lowering your electricity bill but also creating a more efficient usage module. The idea is to create products that are highly environmental friendly as well as pocket-friendly for the average consumer. Though the rate of electricity savings on Energy Sentry is closely dependent on the individual lifestyle, savings between 10-40% is seen across the board.

Adapts To Any Home

The demand computer is programmed that it can be set as per the unique requirement of your home. Depending on the pattern of usage and the high power consumption devices used, the demand manager can be pre-programmed to the demand rate in your area. In case the electricity provider revises the rates, there is also provision to re-program it to new rates to keep your electricity bill lower. This means the consumer’s convenience and savings in not compromised despite having significant electricity usage. This makes the system very flexible and fit to be used in most residential and commercial set-up.

Less Demand on Utility Companies

Off peak kilowatt usage means reduced demand on the utility companies. When the available energy is optimized it leads to significantly better usage of the existing facilities and the pressure on utility companies also reduces significantly.

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