Professional Installation of your Energy Management System

One constant feedback that we have experienced during almost all of our 15,000 installations across Arizona is the client’s satisfaction and relative comfort after the hassle-free installation process.

For over three decades now we have not just empowered residents across Arizona to lower their electric bills, but we have ensured that their convenience in not compromised in any way, not even in the entire process of installation of the ‘Energy Sentry’ the demand manager.

Our representatives are always alert and ready to help and give you a free demand management quote. The installation process is as simple as making them a phone call. Known for quick and timely services, our staff responds in the shortest possible time and get the job done as fast as possible. Learn how we install the energy management system in 6 easy steps.

Understanding The Process

Here is a detailed step by step explanation of the entire process

Step One

The first step is mounting the computer or the energy management device. Normally a place next to the electric service panel is selected. The approved enclosure needs to be rain-tight and free of any potential climactic interference and the resultant malfunction. We have created a provision whereby these could be colored in a way that they match your home décor and do not unnecessarily stand out.

Step Two

Now the Energy Sentry is actually mounted inside this enclosure, and appropriate wire connections are made. This essentially creates a bridge between this device and the main electric panel and helps it manage the overall electricity usage and monitor the rate and pace at any given time.

Step Three

The next step after this is to rout the entire electricity supply through the Energy Sentry. For this purpose, the current transformers are then connected to the computer’s central processing unit along with the main power supply that is being provided at home.

Step Four

The next step is all about completing the maze of connections to facilitate real-time monitoring of power usage. The Energy Sentry's relays, current transformers, power supply, grounding, relay harnesses and relay connection are all wired.

Step Five

Customization is the next step. This is that part of the procedure that lends the Energy Sentry super efficiency and makes it extremely adaptable to the unique home settings. Our staff pays close attention to ensure that all the settings are customized to fit your requirements. In case the electricity company revises rates or offers fresh tariff slabs, the energy sentry can even be reprogrammed to reflect the new rates. Don’t worry if you are shifting houses or cities either; we will help you relocate your Energy Sentry and keep the monthly savings cycle intact.

Step Six

We now arrive at the final installation process. The one-page owner’s manual is attached within the enclosure box. Inside the locking hinged door the simple, easy-to-understand instructions on how to operate, set and get the most from your Energy Sentry is listed out. For your benefit, we also mark settings and even include our phone number to help you reach us as soon as possible.