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Why Families Choose Advanced Home Systems

Say yes to a more responsible use of natural resources with the help of our state of the art technology, using Energy-Demand Management Systems from Advanced Home Systems. We believe in empowering consumers and helping them make informed choices. If you are in Arizona, the testimonials of our thousands of clients will reflect the impact that we are helping create across residential and commercial set-ups in an effort to make a better, greener and cheaper usage experience for our consumers across the board.

We believe the more the consumers are able to control their energy usage, the less the need to build additional energy plants and more the chances of creating a sustainable and environmental friendly energy module.

Advantages Of The Product

Our unique Energy Demand Management System is changing the way energy usage is managed across Arizona.

  • It is an absolutely flexible and highly adaptive software
  • It is designed to function effectively in the existing circumstance
  • The users does not have to undertake major expenses to install a Energy Sentry unit
  • It works towards minimizing the electricity bill by routing high consumption to off-peak hours
  • The software is programmed that whenever the service provider decides to revise rates, it can be easily adapted to the same energy demand management system.

Why Install

Therefore installing the Energy Sentry will mean that you will not have to compromise on the way you live. Rather we are helping families across Arizona to not stretch their budget but also in an environmentally friendly manner.

Once you program the Energy Sentry and install it, the monthly expenses for electricity usage can be easily controlled and allows the consumer better access to resources required for improving their quality of life.

Installation – Process

Installation of these energy demand management systems is quite hassle free and our trained professionals are always at your service to help you install.

  • Step 1: The computer is mounted next to your main electrical service panel in a rain-tight UL-approved enclosure
  • Step 2: Energy Sentry is mounted inside enclosure and run to the main service panel, allowing the computer to monitor power usage.
  • Step 3: Current transformers are connected to the electrical supply and computer’s CPU
  • Step 4: The Energy Sentry’s relay connections are wired
  • Step 5: Settings are customized to fit your personal lifestyle
  • Step 6: Easy owner’s manual inside the hinged door to facilitate better installation

Cost Savings

For 30 years now we have empowered and enabled residents in Arizona to record lower electricity bills. Though the savings are closely dependent on factors like

  • Lifestyle pattern
  • Load factors
  • Electricity rates
  • Location aspects

However, on an average users have been able to record benefits anywhere between 10-40% on a monthly basis. Stay cool and beat the heat! Don’t let the electric bill shoot up and keep you from lowering your thermostat.

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Save 40% Off Your Electric Bill

Money Saved for Your Family Future