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Tim saved $1002.00 in a 3,000 sq ft home in 1 year. While dropping the temperature in his home from 82 To 72 degrees.

Ruth’s Bill went from $547.47 in August of 07 to $324.87 in August of 08 From 10.9 cents using 5002 KWH to 7.7 cents using 4227 Kilowatt Hours a 30% Savings While living cooler than ever.

Chris’ Equalizer Payment went down again a 3500sq ft Tri level home with a pool EQ $108

Romey Romero – Cohost, Rosie on the House and Rosie’s son

Patty wanted to know if she needed a solar water heater after purchasing an Energy Sentryr.

Randy saved $70 a month in the winter heating his pool

Barb about a friend she referred to Advanced Home Systems who saved 54%

CJ saved 54% in both June & July, living 6% cooler in 4100sq ft home

Monica Went from $254 to $149 a 41% savings in a 2400sq ft home in August with 3 kids and a Pool