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Click the letters to see how we have helped our custom home customers and how they have saved up to 30% on their electric bill with an energy management computer.

Tom Hopkins recommends Advanced Home Systems for the ease of use and potential savings.

It’s easy for me to highly recommend the Advanced Home Systems Energy Management Computer. The reason is simple; the computer saved me approximately $260 a month off of my electric bill which enabled me to pay for my unit within 14 months.

With our hectic lifestyle, we were a bit concerned that in order to save money, we would be living around the computer. With the education Advanced Home Systems provided on their products, we have found just the opposite to be true. Our family is very happy with the energy management commuter as it enables us to maintain a constant temperature in our home, without having to make constant adjustments.

Over and above the quality of the product, we have been so impressed with the service and follow up of Advanced Home Systems. It’s been a pleasure to recommend your product and your company because of the professional way you serve our energy needs.

Tom Hopkins

Ron McClure from 19th Avenue Auto Wrecking has saved on his electric bill with Advanced Home Systems.

I would like to thank you and Advanced Home Systems for the work you have done for my home concerning my electric bill and energy management.

Being the owner of 19th Avenue Auto Wrecking, I am an extremely busy businessman, and I know how important it is to deliver professionalism and courteous service to my customers. Advanced Home Systems has proven these same business ethics to me time and time again.

Because of having approximately 32,000 square feet of home and shop space, APS put me on a Commercial rate for my electric service. I was never willing to give up any comfort just to save a few dollars on my electric bill.

With the help of Advanced Home Systems, I was changed from the commercial rate to a residential rate, and as a result, was rebated over $3,000.00 from APS.
Changing my rate and installing the Energy Management Computer was by far the best decision I made in saving my energy dollars. My bills have shown tremendous savings, and I’m as comfortable as ever.

I commend Advanced Home Systems for their dedication to helping APS customers, and highly recommend them to everyone.

Thank You,
Ron McClure

Former President and CEO of Arizona Public Services thanks Advanced Home Systems for being ecofriendly and a leader in Environmental Management.

I know the importance of controlling energy consumption and demand, both as a residential customer and as the former President, Chairman of the board and Chief Executive Officer of Arizona Public Services Co.

The demand rates available to residential customers were designed for two reasons. One to lower your utility bill and live more comfortably, and two the more a customer helps control their peak demand, the less investment the utility has to put out on peak production, especially in the hot summer months. The more the customers are able are able to control the less need there is to have build more Power Plants in the future, which in turn helps to save our environment.

The summer months are so critical to APS that they had no choice but to offer incentives for customers who are able to control the worst peak hours through use of Energy Management.

Energy Computers achieve substantial savings for the customer month after month while allowing them to maintain a comfortable lifestyle.
In fact, when I had my new home built, I had an Advanced Home Systems Energy Computer installed. The savings are significant and we haven’t had to change our lifestyle at all.

I want to thank Advanced Home Systems for your professionalism, your reliable, easy to understand equipment, and dedication to truly being a leader in “Environmental Management.”

Thank You,
Keith Turley

Edward D. Campbell Jr. M.D.

A satisfied Advanced Home Systems customer that lives in Paradise Valley Arizona. He has been able to keep his house at the temperature he chooses and saves money each month.