Letters of Testimony

Advanced Home Systems customers have been recommending products and services for over 25 Year. Please see some of the satisfied customers that have installed an Energy Sentry and started saving money instantly.

James Band appreciates the follow ups to ensure that his electric bill is correct and saving him money each month.

The system we purchased in February is working wonderfully. Last year at this time my energy bills were running in the high $200’s each month in a small house. The most recent bill I received was less than $200 and included a time period with two swimming parties and a wedding rehearsal dinner.

I also appreciate your visits to assist us in utilizing the systems to its maximum potential. Your follow-up on the APS billing error has saved me over $100 for the past four months.

Please feel free to use me as a reference for Advanced Home Systems.

James G. Bands
Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer

Advanced Home Systems customers are able to pay for Vacations with the money they saved.

I am probably one of the toughest customers that Steve Conley has ever had. I am not easily persuaded by a sales pitch and generally do research on a product before I listen to a presentation. I am very skeptical about the claims made in such presentations.

The Energy Management Computer I purchased from you has exceeded the claims you made and has made me a very satisfied customer!!

My utility bills have been less than those of my previous house which was only half the size!!! (And I had an Energy Management Computer there too.) My neighbor next door purchased a load controller. He has a smaller house, 2 less children and no pool. His bills have been about $150 more than mine every month.

While I am satisfied with the product, I am even more impressed with the service. Steve has stayed in touch to make sure that the unit is performing well and that I am happy with the results. I have had questions answered promptly – even on Sunday afternoon!

I asked Steve if I could write this letter because the customer survey just didn’t let me say enough about the product or the service. I think this is the first time I have written a letter to say thanks for selling me this. With the $450 I figure we saved on our utility bills this summer, we’ll be able to take a vacation!

Thanks Steve, Eric & Co. for the job very well done!

Susan Clark

You do not have to rely on the ‘Equalizer Plan’ to keep your utility bills low.

It’s been three months since my Energy Management Computer was installed, and I couldn’t be more pleased! My electric bills have dropped over $50 a month during peak cooling seasons and my lifestyle has improved 100%. For the three years I’ve owned this house could not turn on the air conditioner (or heat) until 9PM on weekdays. I could not cook dinner or heat a pizza during the week. When it got really hot, I would compromise my budget by setting the thermostat at 85 degrees.

With the Energy Management Computer, I leave the thermostat at 78 degrees – all day long. The house is comfortable when I get home from work. I can cook an occasional weeknight dinner without breaking the ban. To have increased comfort at the same price I was paying would have been acceptable. To have a significant decrease in electric bills as well is a bonus.

I have been on the ‘Equalizer’ payment plan, with a $200 debit balance coming into the heavy heating season in May. In the three months since the Energy Management Computer was installed, the debit balance is down to nothing – during the hottest part of the year! Next month I’ll go off the ‘Equalizer’ plan and just enjoy paying a smaller electric bill.

When I called them to change my electric service, APS was fairly discouraged about the change. They said that I was already paying an extremely low rate and the Energy Management Computer probably wouldn’t help at all. But they were wrong. I pay even lower rates now AND I’m comfortable as well. That’s a big improvement.

J. Kirsten Dewey

26 months Return on Investment – A true bargain!

As you can see this has been a great APS bill summer for me. My last bill of $120.30 read on Aug 19th has been my highest since owning this house last December. A setting of 3.5 demand has kept my 1850 sg ft house at a comfortable 76 degrees. I have found the energy management computer so easy to use but still like the idea of having helped just a quick phone call away! Thanks again for your help. I am thrilled I made this investment and fell I will have “recouped” the investment within 26 months considering my low APS bills! What a bargain!

Renae Jestila

John Rubie was able to save money and keep his thermostat lower all year long.

Just a note to say thanks for last month’s power bill. $125 went to APS. Remember, we doubled the size home and kept the thermostat at 72 degrees! Last June our bill was $165 and we came home to a sweat box. The thermostat was kept at 85 – 90 degrees.

Even with the mini monsoon weather we had, I kept the demand level at 3.o and the house was cool as ever. Kim and I are glad we purchased this unit because it saves us time and money, but best of all, it thinks for you!

John R. Rubie

The Town of Paradise Valley Town Manager John Baudek commends Advanced Home Systems for service and equipment.

I wish to thank you and Advanced Home Systems for the work you have done at my home concerning my electric bill and the management of my electric usage.

Prior to the installation of our Energy Management Computer if was not unusual to have in the summertime an electric bill of $300, and during one billing cycle our bill exceeded $400 for one summer months.

Although our house is not that large, 2400 square feet, it does have two air conditioning units and three bedrooms. It was impossible to manage satisfactory our usage and keep comfortable. We always had that one hour a month which created a problem.

Since installing the Energy Management Computer, our electric bill has been about $220 a month and our cost of electricity has been running around $.65 per kilowatt hour.

I have realized a tremendous savings by having the Energy Management Computer and I commend Advanced Home Systems for their equipment and service, and highly recommend them to anyone.

John L. Baudek
Town Manager

Stay at Home Moms are able to keep the house cool all day long with Advanced Home Systems

With the summer months and higher electric rates upon us I wanted to drop you a note to let you know how pleased we are with our Energy Management Computer.
It is wonderful to be able to take advantage of the lowest electric rates available without changing our lifestyles. In fact, I hardly give our electric usage a second thought. Being home all day with children our electric bills could be among the highest. Thanks to our Energy Management Computer and the APS combined advantage rate (which I might have even know about if not for your information) I am sure our bills are among the lowest. They are enclosed here so that you can see for yourself.

I appreciate you sharing your knowledge of the APS rates with me and helping me to choose the best rate for our family. It is nice to be able to count on you to keep me informed of rate changes and ways to save money on our electric bill.

Thanks for helping us to save time and money!

Nancy Marks

Pat McMahon from KTAR 620 has saved hundreds with Advanced Home Systems

I’m an Energy Management covert and BOY, AM I A Believer! After all the empty promises that so many businesses make about saving consumers big money, at last someone really did it.

As you know, we had some crushing electric bills until we got on the right rate and we were introduced to Advanced Home Systems. Since then, we’ve saved literally hundreds of dollars with no change on our lifestyle. The only time Duffy and I are aware the Energy Management Computer is working is when we get our monthly bill from A.P.S. That’s when we celebrate and say ‘Thank you, Advanced Home Systems’.

Pat McMahon

Reduce the inflation of electric rates with Advanced Home Systems

I was asked to write this letter indicating why I believe that Energy Management Computers are beneficial and cost effective.

It goes without saying that the payback of two years or less gets my attention and I believe with refrigeration systems in the Phoenix Valley that enough can be saved in two years to pay for the unit. With rates obviously going to increase over time, it is simply a matter of how much you will save… not whether you will save, assuming you are in the home for two years or more.
Once again, it goes without saying the use of Energy Management Commuters maximizes the resources of this country and on a more selfish note will, if widely used, reduce the ever present inflation in energy costs and particularly residential power service.

Philip J. Dion
Del Webb Corporation

An Energy Sentry and an Energy Audit can save you hundreds on your electric bills.

Just a quick note to say thanks for the energy management system. We have saved over $625.00 over the past 3 months on my A.P.S. bill. Last year we kept our home at 80 degrees. This summer we have kept our home at 72 degrees and have saved an average of $200.00 a month.

We have referred a few people to you that have been extremely happy. We have enclosed a few or our last A.P.S. bills for you to share will future clients. Should you ever need a personal reference please don’t hesitate to call.

Again, thank you for all your help.

Rick and Julies Engels

Save money on your electric bill without any inconvenience.

Thank You for helping me select the best electrical rate for my new home. My family has not suffered inconvenience whatsoever with your energy manager controlling our peak rate. As you will recall, my wife stated that if her dryer cut off because of your electric energy manager, she would not use it because she likes to wash clothes whenever and not be restricted to weekends and after 9:00 p.m. at night. As you promised she is not even aware that the electric manager is doing its job.

You have proven you have a clear understanding of this issue and therefore, it is my pleasure to recommend to any home buyers that they consult with you when I comes time to select there electric rate. Thank You.

Respectfully yours,
Von E. Dix