Rosie on the House

Customer Testimonial

Rosie On The House Certified Contractors who have installed our computer.


Rosie and Jennifer Romero – KTAR Talk Show Host, Rosie on the House;
“Thermostat goes down, comfort level goes up, energy bill goes down, GUARANTEED, what more is there to say.” Rosie Romero


Romey Romero – Cohost, Rosie on the House and Rosie’s son;


Jimmy & Michaela Veltri – Rosie Associate;
“My neighbors are SO…JEALOUS! My bill is $80 to $100 less than their and my home is 73º vs. 78º-80º like theirs. I LOVE MY ENERGY MANAGEMENT COMPUTER.” Jimmy V. Veltri


Dan & Lisa Brewer – ACU-Chem/Beyond Stone Solutions;
“I had Advanced Home Systems put in the Energy management Computer and we have definitely noticed a reduction in our utility bills. But, the best thing is being able to keep the temperature in our home at 72º. It’s so NICE!! They are professional, knowledgeable and I would recommend that you definitely check this company out.” Dan Brewer


Don & Heather Brees – D &, H Custom Painting;
“We save 30%+ on our electric bills and our home is 5º cooler. When we moved, our Energy Management system was the first thing we relocated. Steve and Eric are wonderful.” Don & Heather Brees


Craig & Lori O’Grady – Desert Sun Pools;
“I get to keep the house cooler. It was no hassle to have it installed and it saves money. What more could you ask for.?” Craig O’Grady


Larry Hauptman – Hauptman’s Floor Coverings;
“Advanced Home Systems has saved me over $12,000 in 5 years. $200 a month in savings goes towards my house payment. Some months my water bill is higher than my electric bill.” Larry Hauptman


Brian & Jamie Whitlock – Integrity Air Conditioning;
“You guys made a believer out of me. My house is cool and bills are cheap. I recommend you to all my customers. Thanks.” Brian Whitlock


Greg Fries – Kitchen Tune-Up;
“We are air conditioning about 5300 sq. ft. and our highest bill since installing the Energy Management Computer was about $325. GREAT SYSTEM GUYS.” Greg Fries


Paul & Rhona LaNue – Lyon’s Roofing;
“Wow, in AZ it’s not easy to ‘love the cold’ like we do, but with our Advanced Home Systems Energy Management Computer, we can, and it doesn’t cost as much as airfare.” Paul & Rhonda LaNue


Christopher & Patricia Martelly – French Accent Landscaping, Inc.
Bob Brown – AZ Ramjack
Chris Forester – Rosie’s Realtor
Jay & Kelly Fredrickson – Super Light Block